Silver Jewelry Guide for Fancy Dinner Date Night

Silver Jewelry Guide for Fancy Dinner Date Night

If your date ever decides to bring you to a black tie event or a high-end restaurant, you know that you’ll have to dress and look your best for the evening. When it comes to formal wear, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are not optional, they are required. You want to look like the model on the front page of a fashion magazine! So, bold, stylish, bright is what you should go for when it comes to fancy dinner dates so you can look your best.


Earrings are accessories that help make or break an outfit as they’re one of the first accessories that get noticed first. When it comes to earrings for a formal event, they add a touch of sparkles and elegance to your style.

Earrings, a common jewelry piece worn for all occasions, come in different styles: bold, minimalist, eye-catching, and subtle. “What style should you wear?”, you wonder.

We at Eleganzia Jewelry recommend going bold and eye-catching for formal events. When worn right, sterling silver jewelry is able to match any skin tone and outfit, adding that extra glamor you need to impress your date even more!

For a romantic touch to your dinner date dress, Eleganzia Jewelry recommends our CZ Falling Star Jewelry Silver Dangle Earrings and CZ Open Heart Earrings Dangle. Wish upon a falling star and falling into love, romantic, no?

What if your style is elegant with a hint of rebellion? Our CZ Bar Dangling Earrings will satisfy your needs. And if you want to change styles on the spot? Just remove the sterling silver cubic zirconia charm for an edgy look.

If you’re heading on a fancy dinner date during a snowy winter night, why not add some winter wonderland to your style? Our Frozen Winter CZ Snowflake Drop Earrings shines just bright enough to bring all eyes on you. Not a fan of dangle earrings? Enjoy the same amount of sparkle, but in a different form with our Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings. Perfect for those that prefer stud earrings over dangling ones!


No matter the length or style of your dress, necklaces are important when dressing up for a fancy dinner date. Pendant necklaces are preferred as they help bring attention to your outfit and dress. Similar to earrings, Eleganzia Jewelry recommends you go with something extra glamorous that will stun the crowd and bring attention onto you.

For an elegant yet stylish touch to your dress, we recommend the CZ Twist Swirl Tear Drop Necklace. This elegant twist teardrop-shaped pendant adds a touch of class and sophistication to your look, exactly what is needed for a fancy event.

Key necklaces have always been a symbol of independence and status, making it a mesmerizing statement jewelry that enhances your confident vibes. Our Open Circle Key Necklace Sterling Silver is a meaningful yet dainty piece you’ll love if you’re looking for sterling silver key necklaces.

Want something refined yet classic? Our lovely Entangled Heart Necklace Silver Adjustable Y Necklace lays elegantly on the neck, making for a sophisticated look. Showcase your love and devotion for your date with this necklace, all done subtly, of course!


Bracelets are accessories that many will look over when getting ready for a fancy dinner date! So, you can choose to either go all out with a stunning bracelet, or get away with a silver bracelet of a simpler design and style.

Eleganzia Jewelry recommends simple yet shimmering bracelets for a nice dinner date. Our Interlocking Circle Mother Daughter Bracelet gives off a minimalist vibe with a modern take. If you’re going for an effortlessly stylish look, this sterling silver bracelet will suit your needs.

If you want to go for an exotic look, we recommend our CZ Evil Eye Bracelet. The Evil Eye is versatile and iconic when in the form of jewelry designs. When coupled together with a formal dress, you’ll exude an aura of elegance and just look extra stunning. To learn more about the Evil Eye, check out our blog HERE.

For a classic look, Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelets are the way to go. The symmetrical design of the infinity symbol is a timeless motif for jewelry pieces, especially for bracelets. So, if you want to stay safe and still look stunning, silver infinity bracelets are just what you need.

Unsure on how to pick the right jewelry sizes? Check out our blog posts on measuring the perfect rings, bracelets and necklaces for yourself.


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