Top 5 Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

It takes time to style and accessorize to put together an effortless look. While jewelry helps to give a pop of style to your outfit, it certainly does not cost cheap.

If you are looking for something new to include in your jewelry collection but also shopping with a budget, you can consider opting for sterling silver jewelry.

With sterling silver jewelry, you can gain a timeless jewelry collection and enhance your sense of style without spending too much. Now we will be diving into some of the key advantages why you should choose sterling silver jewelry.

1. Sterling Silver is Malleable and Easily Customizable

One of the greatest advantages sterling silver has to offer is its incredible malleability. Unlike pure silver, 925 sterling silver is not a very soft metal type, which allows jewelers and artisans to experiment with designing and crafting various jewelry designs. Whether it’s timeless staples like sterling silver stud earrings, cute silver rings or exquisitely bejeweled sterling silver pendant necklaces, you will surely be amazed and pleased with the outcome.

Sterling silver is also easy to customize as this silver alloy is favored by craftsman for its workability and durability, which absolutely more suitable for jewelry making than fine silver. The easy and flexible metal alloy provides jewelers' with opportunity to make creative jewelry designs. For instance, you can easily wear your initials onto an initial pendant necklace for a statement stylish look.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to sterling silver jewelry. Customizing your look and accessories has never been this effortless. Sterling silver jewelry pieces make such fun and exciting accessories to mix and match with.

2. Wide Selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry Options to Choose from

As mentioned in the previous statement, thanks to the softness and malleability of sterling silver, jewelers and artisans have the opportunity to be creative in molding this precious metal - 925 sterling silver into a wide range of jewelry pieces.

With sterling silver, there are new designs of silver jewelry you can choose and wear as your new statement piece. Whether it’s something simple like silver stud earrings or dramatic like sterling silver dangle earrings, there will always be something for everybody. 

Browse our wide range of sterling silver jewelry pieces at Eleganzia Jewelry today, where you will definitely find your favorite piece here.


3. Sterling Silver Jewelry is Trendy and Timeless

Sterling silver jewelry has long been a favorite jewelry option thanks to its sophistication and timeless look. Even when trends are changing, sterling silver will be one of the jewelry trends that will never go out of style.

While a lot of jewelry trends come and go in the fashion world, sterling silver jewelry is something that is affordable and accessible to build your own jewelry collection and personal style.

Moon Necklace

The best part about choosing true sterling silver jewelry? They are durable and can last for a very long time. With sterling silver, you can afford beautiful jewelry pieces that can become gorgeous family heirlooms for your children and grandchildren in the future.

4. Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry comes with Surprising Health Benefits

Here’s a surprising yet interesting fact you might not know about wearing sterling silver jewelry: they come with significant health benefits.

As we know, sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect as everyday jewelry. Many people have actually reported that they feel more energetic and discover healing properties as well as did not have any adverse skin reactions after wearing sterling silver jewelry.

Heart Jewelry

This is because the natural properties found in 925 silver, positively charged silver ions can counterbalance the harmful external electrical disturbances to the human body and manage the energy level presence in your body. Wearing sterling silver jewelry will shield you from the negative and harmful vibes, help to boost your energy and mood, and bring your mind back into focus. Not to mention, the completely hypoallergenic properties did not cause skin irritation, which makes the safer choice for sensitive skin people.

Curious to learn more about the amazing health benefits that sterling silver jewelry has to offer? Read more about them here!

5. Sterling Silver Jewelry are Easy to Maintain

If you have worn or own sterling silver jewelry pieces, you would notice that sometimes your silver jewelry pieces may tarnish.

Tarnishing is a chemical reaction that will gradually dulls and darkens your 925 silver jewelry. Tarnishing is what causes sterling silver jewelry to lose its luster and brightness when the metal has been exposed to sulfur in air, many other chemicals we used in daily life and water.

Sterling silver consists of a small portion of copper alloy, which may cause it to tarnish and be more sensitive to air and water as compared to pure silver. However, just because your favorite sterling silver bracelet has tarnished does not mean it’s the end of the world.

Fortunately, sterling silver jewelry is rather easy to maintain and is able to stay in pristine condition with regular maintenance routine pursuing right care and cleaning process. Read more about how you can preserve and care for your sterling silver jewelry pieces here that is fairly easy to maintain cleanliness of your favorite piece.

Thanks to its durability, affordability and malleability, sterling silver makes a wonderful and fitting jewelry option. They can be subtle accessories or bold fashion statements, and they would surely last a long time under great care.

If you are looking to buy a high quality sterling silver jewelry piece for your collection, Eleganzia Jewelry is a good option as we offer a wide selection of stylish sterling silver jewelry that will reflect your sense of style and personality.


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