Winter Fashion: 5 Ways to Style With Sterling Silver Jewelry

Winter Fashion: 5 Ways to Style With Sterling Silver Jewelry

The cool tones of winter bring a spiking popularity in cool-toned jewelry and accessories. While warm-toned jewelry like gold has always been a timeless choice, sterling silver jewelry has gained traction over the years as a trendy choice for many jewelry lovers. Not only is sterling silver jewelry affordable, but they are also stylish and can effortlessly complement anything you wear.

If you’re looking for some jewelry styling inspiration to incorporate into your winter fashion, look no further. Here are 5 of our jewelry styling guide: -

Necklace Layers Over Layers

Winter is the best season for layering, and this applies to more than your coats. Hop on the timeless fashion trends of layering your chain necklaces. If you’re someone who owns and wears necklaces, the best thing you can do is simply wear more of them. Wearing your necklaces over your winter wear helps to radiate an aura of sophistication and makes you look fabulous!

Wearing your necklaces over one another will create a distinctive yet stylish look to make your winter outfit stand out even more. From dainty silver chain necklaces to chunky statement necklaces to even mixed link chain necklaces, these necklaces are ideal for combining and accessorizing.

Spread the Love

Silver jewelry with heart details have gained quite the revival in recent months. Spread some love for this cold season by adorning yourself with heart shaped jewelry. From pendant necklaces to trendy bracelets to even beautiful earrings, there’s always something heart-themed for everyone!

If you prefer a more subtle look, our Petite Sterling Silver Heart Earrings Studs makes a stunning accessory to wear. Featuring a simplistic heart shaped design with bejeweled cubic zirconia stones, these adorable heart stud earrings are just what you need to elevate your outfit and bring out the sparkles in your eyes.

Not a fan of earrings? Our ‘Eternity Silver Double Heart Necklace’ makes a beautiful necklace for everyday wear. This dazzling pendant necklace features an intricate design with two hearts intertwining with one another in a gentle embrace, symbolizing the unbreakable love between two souls. Wear this silver heart necklace as a statement piece or inspirational jewelry to remind yourself to always follow your heart.

When in Doubt, Stick with Stud Earrings

Throughout recent years, hoop earrings, drop earrings and even stud earrings have expanded significantly in the fashion world. These trendy earrings have embraced bolder styles and more extravagant designs. Whether you’re joining in the jewelry trend for the cool season or just trying out a casual everyday look, you can never go wrong with a pair of stud earrings.

A stunning pair of stud earrings can effortlessly accentuate your appearance and complement anything in your wardrobe. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or glamorous styles, these silver small earrings are a unique way of expressing your fashion sense and personality. You can wear these dainty earrings stand alone or stack with other stud earrings for an ultimate ear stack.

Bling On the Stacking Rings

While styling with bold and expressive statement rings are trending, you can never go wrong with a more minimalist look. Sure, a statement ring looks eye-catching around your finger, but mixing and matching dainty rings are a classic fashion statement that stands the test of time.

Silver stackable rings never really go out of style, and the best part is they go well on all your fingers. Whether you like to stick to a few simple ring bands or more glamorous detailed rings, the more stacking rings you have the merrier (and more stylish) your ring stack will be.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to stack rings, read our styling guides here: -


Stack Your Bracelets

For this winter season, why not join in the trend of stacking your bracelets over your sleeves? Layering your silver bracelets around your long sleeves is a simple yet sophisticated way to show off your arm candy. Experiment with different textured fashion bracelets for a balanced yet on-trend look.

If you want to add a colorful touch to your bracelet stack, you can wear some colorful gemstone bracelets to decorate your arm stack for a more sparkly appeal. When you pair vibrant colorful gemstones with metallic sterling silver, these gorgeous combinations will radiate an alluring charm and help your winter style shine magnificently.

Winter is the best (and coolest) season to put on extra layers and refresh your fashion accessories. With sterling silver jewelry, you can make an expressive and stunning fashion statement. If you’re excited to find your next favorite winter jewelry to cure your winter blues, check out our sterling silver jewelry collection today for more jewelry styling ideas and trendy jewelry pieces.

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