Shine Smarter: 5 Jewelry Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Shine Smarter: 5 Jewelry Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

What’s the best way to brighten your gloomy day and liven up a dull outfit? Accessorize with a piece of jewelry, of course! If you ever find yourself doubting your outfit choice for an event, adding jewelry can often highlight your attire.

However, there are certain etiquette and rules when it comes to wearing jewelry, especially if you want to look well-dressed for the occasion. If you’re someone who loves wearing jewelry and accessories, here are 5 of the most common jewelry mistakes you can make and how you can avoid them.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Finding a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry can really make your day. However, when buying accessories, it is important to make sure that the jewelry matches your natural skin tone and that the sizing is right. Wearing jewelry the wrong size will make you feel uncomfortable or lose them in the process.

Choosing jewelry the right size is incredibly important when it comes to rings. If the ring is too loose or big for your fingers, it may slip off. Therefore, when you are shopping physically for rings, be sure to try them on before buying them. If you’re shopping online, be sure to take note of your own ring measurements and compare them to the ring sizes available on the website. That way, you’ll reduce the chances of buying rings that are uncomfortable or the wrong size.

Looking for more ways to fight your right jewelry sizing? Check out our guides below:-

Not Wearing Your Jewelry Enough

Another big mistake you can make as a jewelry owner is not wearing your jewelry pieces enough. Sometimes, you may feel that you don’t want to risk losing your jewelry if you don’t feel like wearing them. But that’s exactly why some of your accessories can end up damaged with time.

If stored properly, your accessories will be safe from any accidental damage. Certain jewelry metals like sterling silver are prone to tarnish naturally. Therefore, wearing your accessories is the best way for them to look their best.

When you wear your jewelry, it may rub up against your clothes which helps to polish the metal gently. So wearing your jewelry can help prevent any accidental damages caused by tarnishing, and keep them looking sparkly and new.

Forgetting to Clasp Your Chain Jewelry

When it comes to chain jewelry (such as necklaces, bracelets or anklets), you should always clasp them before you store them. Forgetting to clasp your chain jewelry will cause them to entangle and damage, and it is not an easy process to untangle your jewelry. Therefore, you should always clasp your bracelets and necklaces when you remove them.

If you’re still having trouble with detangling your chain jewelry, you can use straws or other tubing to help you out. Simply put one end of the necklace through the straw before you clasp it, this will make the tangles impossible for your necklaces.

Improper Maintenance

All jewelry needs a little cleaning routine to bring back its luster and shine, especially sterling silver jewelry that tarnishes naturally. However, improper maintenance is one of the surefire ways of ruining your jewelry pieces. Not cleaning your jewelry properly can potentially damage them which is why it’s important to know exactly how your accessories should and shouldn’t be cleaned.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when you clean your jewelry as they may ruin your accessories further. Additionally, avoid using any form of alcohol when cleaning gemstone jewelry or else it may ruin the jewels. For more maintenance tips, read our sterling silver jewelry cleaning guides here: -

Putting Jewelry On First

One of the most common causes of broken jewelry are snags. Getting your chain jewelry (like necklaces or bracelets) caught on clothes while dressing will often lead to accidental damages when your necklace gets tangled in clothing. As a result, your chain jewelry would snap or get tangled when being pulled. Your earrings may fall out and your rings get pulled off and disappear into the floor.

Another way you can damage your jewelry is by putting them on first or exposing them to beauty products like hand lotion or perfume. Skin care products often contain harmful chemicals like sulfur which is a key cause of jewelry tarnishes and discoloration.

To prevent all the heartbreak of lost or damaged jewelry from happening, follow the ‘Last On, First Off’ principle. Your jewelry pieces should be the last thing you put on after getting dressed, and the first thing to remove before getting undressed.


And there you have it! These are the five jewelry mistakes and tips on how you can avoid these mistakes when wearing any type of jewelry. Your jewelry should be there to elevate your style and make you look (and feel) better. Therefore, choose your accessories well and match them with your outfit and skin tone for the occasion.

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