5 Ways to Style with Fall Fashion Silver Jewelry

5 Ways to Style with Fall Fashion Silver Jewelry

 While gold is an evergreen color and jewelry that embodies the beauty of autumn, there has been an increasing popularity in sterling silver jewelry this year. The best part about wearing silver jewelry is that they are beautiful, affordable, and they can effortlessly compliment your daily casual wear and for special events.

If you’re looking for jewelry that gives you a polished yet elegant look, sterling silver might be your new favorite go-to accessory. Check out our recommendation of sterling silver jewelry pieces you can accessorize with for this golden season.

1. Style and Stack with Silver Bracelets

Layering is an ongoing jewelry trend that encourages people to mix and match various sizes and shapes of silver jewelry for a blended yet modern look. One of which would be wearing silver bracelets, you can stack them with other silver bracelets.

Alternatively, you can pair your favorite silver bracelets with other jewelry metals like rose gold, platinum or even stainless steel for a statement look. 

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Petite Heart Bracelets


2. Layer With Silver Necklaces

Nothing enhances the beauty of your neckline like adorning silver necklaces. What’s not to like about wearing necklaces? Sterling silver necklaces are aesthetically attractive to look at, accentuate your face and flatter your outfit.

Wear your favorite long necklaces on its own or layer with other silver choker necklaces and pendant necklaces of different lengths of a creative and elegant look to reflect your fashion style. 


Star Necklace


You can also mix different jewelry metals by pairing your sterling silver pendant necklace with a gold chains necklace for a balanced look. Find out more about how to choose the necklace size that is perfect for your look here, which you will never have to feel lost and frustrated when choosing necklace for styling.

Read here for the article on: Five Ways to Choose the Perfect Necklace Size 👉

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Moon Necklace


3. Put On Your Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are always a swift and lightweight finishing touch to complete your outfit of the day. You can find a lot of designs when it comes to statement earrings, such as sterling silver stud earrings, silver hoop earrings, chandelier earrings and even tassel earrings.

For this fall season, you can put on your favorite sterling silver drop earrings with your fall outfit that features leaf or flower motifs for an effortless yet contemporary look.


CZ Bar Dangling Earrings


4. Spell it Out with Initial Jewelry

Nothing adds a touch of individuality and chic to your fall outfit like wearing initial jewelry. Initial jewelry is a popular and personal statement fashion trend that will not go out of style anytime soon.

You can wear your initial necklace standalone, or your initial jewelry stackable ring and initial bracelets in layers to express your personality and fashion sense.

Browse our Initial Jewelry collection here, and find your new expressive sterling silver accessory today. Choose from silver necklace, bracelet, bangle, earrings and ring, where you will easily find yourself the matching pair with our initial jewelry collection

5. Express with Silver Rings

Forget the conventional jewelry trends and let your silver rings take over. Accessorize with your sterling silver rings this fall and showcase your alluring aura on your fingers.

Wearing your silver stackable rings, eternity band rings, and even your midi rings would be a chic alternative way to show off your sense of style. Sterling silver rings look fashionable when you wear them stacked with cubic zirconia rings and midi rings.

Enhance your stacking ring skills by reading this stacking ring styling guide: Seven Stylish Tips on How to Wear Stacking Rings, where you will know how to stack with stacking ring for a stylish look

There is people who tends to overdo with stacking ring as being excited with all different designs and styles, learn the do and don't with our stacking rings now! Check here: How to Style Stack Rings: A Do’s and Don'ts Guide.

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Sterling silver jewelry is always the perfect finishing touch for your fall wardrobe. With the right accessory, you can look stupendous. If you are looking for some new sterling silver jewelry to add into your jewelry collection this fall, visit Eleganzia Jewelry today, and discover beautiful and contemporary sterling silver jewelry that will help you showcase your elegance.

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