Last Minute Back to School Gift Ideas with Silver Jewelry

Last Minute Back to School Gift Ideas with Silver Jewelry

With summer vacation coming to an end, it marks the beginning of a new school year. Back to school shopping may sound exciting or dreadful to others, but one thing worth getting yourself is some sophisticated and minimalistic sterling silver jewelry for yourself before heading back to school. 

Whether it’s virtual school or going back to physical school, you would still want to look good for the new school year. Here are a few of our top picks on back to school sterling silver jewelry gift ideas to kickstart your new school year.

1. Stud Earrings

Another must-have for your back-to-school jewelry are sterling silver stud earrings. You can wear these stud earrings in matching style or even mismatched style to reflect your personality and fashion style. Stud earrings are a subtle touch to add a sophistication aura to your outfit without having to try too hard at accessorizing. 

Eleganzia Jewelry features a wide selection of sterling silver stud earrings that are stylish and subtly sparkly adorned with cubic zirconia will looks great on you for extra sparkles in everyday outfit.

Shop our stud earrings silver collection now! 

2. Dainty Stackable Rings

Stacking rings is another popular jewelry trend among today’s youth. And what’s not to like about accessorizing with stack rings? Stackable rings are thin rings and feature a wide variety of styles and designs.

One of the best parts about stacking rings is that they are effortlessly easy to mix and match with as they blend easily with your outfit.

Find out more on how to style with stackable rings here.

Learn how to style your stacking rings with us that showcase your personality and style. You will be guide on the Do's & Don'ts when you stack so that you have fashionable stack all the time. 

Have you wonder why stacking rings are trending now? Discover the beauty of silver stacking rings with us now, where you will learn the 7 techniques to stack your rings for fashionable style.

3. Sterling Silver Bracelets

Another back to school must-have sterling silver jewelry would be silver bracelets. Wearing bracelets is a great way to accessorize yourself, as there is a lot of variety when it comes to trendy bracelets. 

Sterling silver chain bracelets are chic and flexible. You can wear silver bracelets standalone or stack and layer them with other silver bracelets you have.

Layering with Silver Necklaces

Another timeless and trendy look anyone can pull off wearing is by accessorizing with silver pendant necklaces. Sterling silver necklaces are trendy, minimalist, and would be an effortless finishing touch your back-to-school outfit needs. 

You can wear your sterling silver chain necklaces standalone, or you can mix and layer with various pendant necklaces of different lengths. 

Find out more about how to choose the right pendant necklace size for yourself here, where you will be enlighten with 5 guidelines on how to get the perfect necklace lengths for your favorite jewelry.

4. Initial Jewelry

Nothing says “back to school” like wearing and layering with initial jewelry. Add an individualized and glamorous touch to your back to school jewelry by getting yourself Eleganzia’s unique and expressive initial jewelry collection. Our initial jewelry can vary from initial adjustable sterling silver stackable rings, initial bracelets sterling silver, initial necklace and even initial pendants. 

Our initial pendant necklace is also suitable for kids, as the pendant size is also perfect for kids too! They could style with their initial and be the beautiful piece of jewelry that cheer them up as back to schooling days. 

Initial jewelry definitely makes great gifts for people of all ages. Find out more about initial jewelry here, which you will be enlighten with how to style with initial jewelry and types of initial jewelry we have for you! 

5. Celestial theme Jewelry

Everyone could use a little bit of luck from the stars and moon when going back to school. Celestial theme sterling silver jewelry like star earrings and moon and star necklace are minimalistic in style but are also very trendy to wear. If you’re looking for something to give a little sparkle to your school outfit, star jewelry should be right for you.

Back to school shopping can be a tiring experience, but nothing beats the excitement of going back to school to meet your friends and classmates again. With a new school year comes a brand new wardrobe to look stylish and comfortable.  

Start your new school year with stylish sterling silver jewelry by shopping Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver jewelry today. 


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