Why Are Heart Rings So Popular - Symbol of Love

Why Are Heart Rings So Popular - Symbol of Love

Heart jewelry is a universally loved jewelry trend that is worn by people of all ages. One of the most romantic jewelry rings you could ever receive or give anyone are heart rings. 

What do Heart Rings symbolize?

Heart rings generally bear a resemblance to claddagh rings. Claddagh rings feature a heart-shaped motif, along with two arms circling the heart and a small crown resting on top of the heart symbol. 

When you give someone a silver heart ring, it means that you are giving a bit of your heart to the receiver. Heart rings convey deep meanings of sincerity, love and romance, which makes them romantic and thoughtful presents on special occasions.


Heart Rings as Presents

Receiving heart jewelry is one of the sincerest ways to convey messages of love from one person to another. Whether it’s for your family members, your significant other, your friends or even for yourself, wearing heart rings is a way to remember and commemorate feelings of love. Let our heart ring constantly reminding you to practice self-love before loving others; and also to best represents of you being showered with never-ending love from your love ones. 



Gifting your partner a love ring or receive heart rings from your partner is the most simple, romantic and heartfelt gesture of love, definitely the best way to commemorate and reaffirm your romantic relationship with them. You can also wear your heart rings as a way to think of your lover if you are in a long distance relationship.


Not limited to gifting towards partner, if you give heart rings to your mother, sister or grandmother, she will surely know that you keep her close to your heart. Heart rings make great presents from daughters to mothers or sisters gifts!

Find out more great gifts for your mother here, where you will be enlighten with the available gift for mom from daughters



Our Recommended Heart Rings

If you’re looking for some heart rings, here are some of our top picks of heart rings you should try on.

Petite Sterling Silver Heart Rings

If you’re looking for a beautiful and dainty ring to express your love, this Petite Sterling Silver Heart Rings would be a timeless and perfect jewelry ring to give. This silver ring is handcrafted from sterling silver with a sweetheart-shaped motif adorned with glittering cubic zirconia. This elegant and enchanting heart rings will complement your outfit for any occasion.



Petite Open Heart Sterling Silver Ring

This shiny and lovely sterling silver heart rings for women features an open heart motif on a polished silver ring band, with dainty cubic zirconia decorated on the surface of the open heart. This symbolic open heart ring is a simple yet expressive statement silver ring to wear. When you wear this dainty CZ Open Heart Ring, you will be constantly reminded of the importance of love and compassion. 



Wondering why the heart ring is designed with an open heart outline? Head over to our blog article: The Symbolism of Wearing Open Heart Jewelry to find out what an open heart jewelry means. 

👈 Click here to read more! 



Heart jewelry adds a unique and fun element that makes them popular and stylish jewelry to people of all ages. Heart jewelry such as heart rings, silver heart necklaces and even heart earrings make thoughtful and lovely jewelry pieces to buy for yourself or even for someone you love. It is easy to effortlessly wear heart jewelry to complement your outfit. 

If you’re interested in heart jewelry, Eleganzia Jewelry features a wide selection of sterling silver jewelry that will surely reflect your personality and fashion sense.


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